January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all the people in the world. Happy New Year too to all my lovely blog visitors. May the happiness in this first day always come around us every day until the upcoming new years.

Yah, Tahun Baru, adalah hari yang sangat dinantikan bagi kita semua. Muncul dengan harapan-harapan baru, mimpi-mimpi baru. So, have you made your resolutions in this new year? If you ask me, my answer is yes. HAHAHAHA

Sometimes, we need to know what do we want in the future, and as for me i like to write it in my journal. It makes me excited every time when i see my writing, my wishes, my big dreams. My failures in the previous years become a new hopes that i should get.

Like the first time i made this blog, i know that this is what i want, this is my little dream. And two years have passed, i'm so happy when my effort succeed. I was waiting for two years, and it was not in vain. We just have to wait and try until our hopes, wishes, and dreams are fulfilled by Allah.

In this year, I think I've made pretty much resolutions. The firts one that I wrote in my journal is become more religious person. I have to thank Allah for his blessing, for his mercy, for his gifts for me. I wanna be closer to Allah more than before. And two things that i really want this year is to finish my study and publish a novel. Yeah, i wanna be a novelist.

For all my lovely blog visitors, no matter where you are, your age, your gender, dream is a part of life. While there's still time, chase your dream, decide what you do want, and live happily. Happy New Year... big hug.... xoxo

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